Axxess AX Interface with Steering wheel control - Reset revision

Why do I need to reset the interface?

Incorrect setting of the Axxess interface can cause the steering wheel control to not work correctly. This is usually caused by turning the key without having the steering wheel lead connected to the aftermarket radio. In this event you will need to reset the interface in order for the interface to reprogram itself.

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Resetting the Axxess interfaces

Note: Before proceeding, remember the position of the potentiometer by marking the housing with a pen or pencil.

With the radio on, turn the potentiometer.
Turn left
LED will turn on Hold position until LED turns off
Turn right LED will turn on Hold position until LED turns off
Turn left LED will turn on Hold position until LED turns off
Turn right LED will turn on Hold position until LED turns off
Turn left LED will turn on Hold position until LED turns off

Turn back to original position.

LED will begin to flash rapidly. This indicates the interface is in the reprogramming process.

The LED inside the interface will turn off for a couple of seconds, then flash rapidly, then flash slowly (up to 18 times). This indicates the which radio is connected to the interface and turn off. Pay attention to the amount of flashes there are. This will be needed in the event of troubleshooting. Refer to the following guide for more information.
Within a few seconds the LED will turn on and the radio will turn off.
Within a few seconds the LED will turn off. Within a minute the LED will turn off, and radio will come back on, indicating the interface has reset and initialization was successful.

LED Troubleshooting

L.E.D. feedback

The (18) Red L.E.D. flashes represent what brand radio the AX-FD1-SWC believes it is connected to. Each flash represents a different radio manufacturer. For example, if you are installing a JVC radio, the AX-***-SWC will flash (5) times. Following is a legend that dictates which manufacturer corresponds to which flash.

L.E.D. feedback legend:

1 flash - Eclipse (Type 1) † 2 flashes - Kenwood ‡ 3 flashes - Clarion (Type 1) †
4 flashes - Sony / Dual 5 flashes - JVC 6 flashes - Pioneer / Jensen
7 flashes - Alpine * 8 flashes - Visteon 9 flashes - Valor
10 flashes - Clarion (Type 2) † 11 flashes - Metra OE 12 flashes - Eclipse (Type 2) †
13 flashes - LG 14 flashes - Parrot ** 15 flashes - XITE
16 flashes - Philips 17 flashes - TBD 18 flashes - JBL

* Note: If the AX-FD1-SWC flashes Red (7) times, and you do not have an Alpine radio connected to it, that means the AX-FD1-SWC does not detect a radio connected it. Verify that the 3.5mm jack is connected to the correct steering wheel jack/wire in the radio.

** Note: Part number AX-SWC-PARROT is required (sold separately). Also, the Parrot radio must be updated to rev. 2.1.4 or higher through

† Note: If you have a Clarion radio and the steering wheel controls do not work, change the radio type to the other Clarion radio type; same for Eclipse. The following section explains how to do this

‡Note: If you have a Kenwood radio and the L.E.D. feedback comes back as showing as a JVC radio, change the radio type to a Kenwood. The following section explains how to do this.

Metra / Axxess Technical Support

If you are having difficulties with the installation of this product, please call Metra Tech Support line at 1-800-253-TECH. Before doing so, look over the instructions a second time, and make sure the installation was performed exactly as the instructions are stated. Please have the vehicle apart and ready to perform troubleshooting steps before calling.

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